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Summit County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds
Summit County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds
Summit County Jail
205 East Crosier Street
Akron, OH 44311 US,%20OH,USA&sensor=false¢er=205+East+Crosier+Street+Akron%2COH Summit County Jail Summit County Jail Akron, OH (330) 643-5545

The Summit County Jail is located in Akron, Ohio at 205 East Crosier Street 44311. The jail staff can be reached by calling (330) 643-5545.

If you are looking to post bail for an inmate at Summit County Jail fill out the form at the top of this page.

About the Summit County Jail

The Summit County Jail has been classified as a Full Service detention center by the State of Ohio. This just means that it is in full operation 24 hours a day 365 days per year. This jail currently has a capacity for 671 prisoners with 564 male beds and 89 female beds. There are an additional 20 beds that can be assigned to male or female juvenile inmates. The Summit County Jail is operated by the Corrections Division of the Summit County Sheriff's Office. This facility is under the direct supervision of Chief Gary L. James. The Chief welcomes questions and comments from the public to his personal email at To locate an inmate you can use Summit County inmate lookup online.

Summit County Bail Bond Companies

If you require the services of a bail bondsman to secure your release from the jail there are several in the local area who can assist you. Some of the most popular bonding companies in the Summit County area include:

  • A Second Chance Bail
  • Sly Bail Bonds
  • 3rd Degree Bail Bonds
  • Ability Bail
  • National Bail LLC

Inmate Services

Summit County Jail, Akron Bail BondsVisitation is held Monday through Friday at the Summit County Jail. Inmates must request visitation at least 2 days in advance. A visitor may call the Inmate Services Line at (330) 643-2177, to verify that their name is on the approved visitor list. Inmates at the Summit County Jail are only allowed one personal visit per week and these are approximately one hour long. Inmates are given access to telephones from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm each day, but all calls must be made calling collect. This can be avoided if the inmate sets up a telephone debit account that will automatically deduct the cost of call from a predetermined account. If you would like more information on the Summit County Jail you may contact them by telephone at (330) 643-5545.


Summit County at a Glance

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Summit, Ohio population 2000 - 2009

Summit has a total population of 542,405. The population has decreased by -496 (-0%) from 2000 through 2009. The population density is 1314.1 and covers 413 square miles.

  • Total Population: 542,405
  • Pop. Change 2000-09: -496 (-0%)
  • Pop. Density: 1314.1
  • Sq. Miles: 413

Bail Bond Agents Near Summit does not endorse any bail bond companies listed below. These are listed for informational purposes only.

  • Continental Heritage Insurance Co.
    Continental Heritage Insurance Co.
    6140 Parkland Blvd., Suite 321
    Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
  • Andy Callif Bail Bonds
    Andy Callif Bail Bonds
    24 E Mound St
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • Woody Fox Bail Bonds
    Woody Fox Bail Bonds
    289 S. 3rd St.
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • Smith Bonding
    Smith Bonding
    314 N Michigan St.
    Toledo, OH 43604
  • You Walk Bail Bonds
    You Walk Bail Bonds
    1709 Spielbusch Ave
    Toledo, OH 43604
Crime Data for Summit County and Summit County Jail

Source: FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

Summit Ohio crime statistics

Residents of Summit experienced 2,368 crimes in 2011. The #1 infraction was arson with 10 reports. The #2 criminality was theft with 771 reports. The #3 violation was vehicle theft with 56 violations. The #4 violation was burglary with 303 violations. The #5 criminality was property crime with 1,130 occurrences. The #6 criminality was assault with 20 circumstances. The #7 violation was robbery with 18 circumstances. The #8 crime was rape with 10 crimes. The #9 infraction was murder with 1 circumstances. The #10 infraction was violent crime with 49 circumstances.

Bail Bondsman for Summit

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