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Lorain County Jail 24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds
Lorain County Jail 24 Hour Bail Bonds
Lorain County Jail
9896 Murray Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44035 US
http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?size=225x200&markers=label:A%7CZip%20Code%2044035,%20OH,USA&sensor=false¢er=9896+Murray+Ridge+Road+Elyria%2COH Lorain County Jail Lorain County Jail Elyria, OH http://www.bailbondpolicy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/LucasCountyJail1.jpg http://www.bailbondpolicy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/LucasCountyJail1.jpg (440) 329-3709

The Lorain County Jail is located in Elyria, Ohio at 9896 Murray Ridge Road 44035. The jail staff can be reached by calling (440) 329-3709.

If you are looking to post bail for an inmate at Lorain County Jail fill out the form at the top of this page.

About the Lorain County Jail

The Lorain County Jail is operated by the Corrections Division of the Lorain County Sheriff's Office. The main purpose of the Corrections Division is to maintain the security of all persons incarcerated within the facility, the staff and the public. This is a self contained facility with its own medical center, doctors, nurses, food services, library, maintenance, janitorial, chaplains and commissary services. Inmates at this facility come from all over the state of Ohio including inmates from other county police agencies, parole violators, and probation violators within Lorain County. If you need to search for an inmate in the Lorain County Jail, you can use the inmate search tool online.

Lorain County Bail Bond Services

If a bail amount has been set for your case you can arrange your release from the prison. There are several bail bonding companies in the area that cam assist you with paying your bail amount. Some of the best Lorain County Bail Bond companies include:

  • JC Bail Bonds
  • Reeds Bail Bonds
  • ASAP Bail Bonding
  • EZ Out Bail Bonds
  • Bentley Bail Bonding

Inmate Information

Lorain County Jail Information and Bail BondsVisitation hours at the prison will be determined by the inmates location and their last name. All visits to the Lorain County Jail are no more than 30 minutes in length and each inmate is only allowed 2 visits per week. Inmates are no longer required to fill out pre-approved visitation lists but all visitors will still need to make an appointment in advance. Proper state issued identification will be required for all people visiting the prison, and if proper identification is not available the visitor will be turned away and not allowed admittance into the facility. If you need more information on the Lorain County Jail you may contact them directly at (440) 329-3709.


Lorain County at a Glance

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Lorain, Ohio population 2000 - 2009

Lorain has a total population of 305,707. The population has increased by 21,039 (7%) from 2000 through 2009. The population density is 622.5 and covers 491 square miles.

  • Total Population: 305,707
  • Pop. Change 2000-09: 21,039 (7%)
  • Pop. Density: 622.5
  • Sq. Miles: 491

Bail Bond Agents Near Lorain

BailBondPolicy.com does not endorse any bail bond companies listed below. These are listed for informational purposes only.

  • Continental Heritage Insurance Co.
    Continental Heritage Insurance Co.
    6140 Parkland Blvd., Suite 321
    Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
  • Woody Fox Bail Bonds
    Woody Fox Bail Bonds
    289 S. 3rd St.
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • Andy Callif Bail Bonds
    Andy Callif Bail Bonds
    24 E Mound St
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • Smith Bonding
    Smith Bonding
    314 N Michigan St.
    Toledo, OH 43604
  • You Walk Bail Bonds
    You Walk Bail Bonds
    1709 Spielbusch Ave
    Toledo, OH 43604
Crime Data for Lorain County and Lorain County Jail

Source: FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

Lorain Ohio crime statistics

Residents of Lorain experienced 2,092 crimes in 2011. The #1 criminality was arson with 12 circumstances. The #2 crime was theft with 480 violations. The #3 crime was vehicle theft with 27 reports. The #4 infraction was burglary with 488 circumstances. The #5 unlawful act was property crime with 995 instances. The #6 crime was assault with 11 instances. The #7 criminality was robbery with 18 crimes. The #8 infraction was rape with 14 occurrences. The #9 infraction was murder with 2 crimes. The #10 lawless act was violent crime with 45 crimes.

Bail Bondsman for Lorain

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