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Monroe County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds
Monroe County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds
Monroe County Jail
130 Plymouth Avenue
Rochester, NY 14614 US,%20NY,USA&sensor=false¢er=130+Plymouth+Avenue+Rochester%2CNY Monroe County Jail Monroe County Jail Rochester, NY (585) 428-5243

The Monroe County Jail is located in Rochester, New York at 130 Plymouth Avenue 14614. The jail staff can be reached by calling (585) 428-5243.

If you are looking to post bail for an inmate at Monroe County Jail fill out the form at the top of this page.

About the Monroe County Jail

The Monroe County Jail is a pre-trial detention facility that is operated by the Jail Bureau of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The jail is overseen by the County Head Sheriff Patrick M. O'Flynn. This detention facility is located in downtown Rochester New York, and can house approximately 1,000 inmates at a time. This is a short-term facility that only holds inmates until they are convicted and transferred to a long-term facility, or released. If you need to search for an inmate in the Monroe County system, you can find detailed inmate information on the Sheriff's office website at

Local Bail Bond Services

There are several bonding companies in the area that can help you secure your release once the bail amount has been set. Some of the best Monroe County bail companies include:

  • A-Bail of Rochester
  • Aable Bail Bonds
  • Charles Miceli Bail Bonding
  • Empire Bail Bonds
  • J.C. Pozo Bail Bonding

Jail Information

The Monroe County Jail offers a variety of inmate programs that are designed to help the inmates inside and outside of the prison. These include a diverse selection of educational, rehabilitation and treatment programs. Inmates at the jail are allowed to have 2 one hour visits per week. Visitation appointments may be made in person or by calling 585-753-4000. Visits to the Monroe County Jail must be made at least one week in advance and there are no walk in visits allowed. Visitors are required to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance and will be asked to show a valid government issued photo I.D. Visitation times are available from 10 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. Inmates have a money account that can have money deposited into it. Deposits can be made in person during visiting hours and must be made in cash, Postal or Western Union money orders. For more information on the Monroe County Jail call (585) 428-5243.


Monroe County at a Glance

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Monroe, New York population 2000 - 2009

Monroe has a total population of 733,703. The population has decreased by -1,640 (-0%) from 2000 through 2009. The population density is 1116.4 and covers 657 square miles.

  • Total Population: 733,703
  • Pop. Change 2000-09: -1,640 (-0%)
  • Pop. Density: 1116.4
  • Sq. Miles: 657

Bail Bond Agents Near Monroe does not endorse any bail bond companies listed below. These are listed for informational purposes only.

  • 123 Bail Bonds Service Inc
    123 Bail Bonds Service Inc
    934 Ogden Ave Apt 2b
    Bronx, NY 10451
  • James R. Newkirk Agency Inc.
    James R. Newkirk Agency Inc.
    PO Box 610008
    Bronx, NY 10461
  • The NYPBA, New York Professional Bondsmen & Agents.
    The NYPBA, New York Professional Bondsmen & Agents.
    75 Smith Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • AAble Bail Bonds
    AAble Bail Bonds
    26 Court street
    brooklyn, NY 11242
  • Affordable Bails New York, Inc.
    Affordable Bails New York, Inc.
    320 Carleton Avenue, Suite 1000
    Central Islip, NY 11722
Crime Data for Monroe County and Monroe County Jail

Source: FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

Monroe New York crime statistics

Residents of Monroe experienced 7,690 crimes in 2011. The #1 criminality was arson with 6 violations. The #2 violation was theft with 2,955 violations. The #3 infraction was vehicle theft with 109 occurrences. The #4 infraction was burglary with 574 instances. The #5 unlawful act was property crime with 3,638 instances. The #6 criminality was assault with 125 reports. The #7 criminality was robbery with 60 crimes. The #8 criminality was rape with 16 crimes. The #9 unlawful act was murder with 3 instances. The #10 lawless act was violent crime with 204 circumstances.

Bail Bondsman for Monroe

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