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Examining the effects of bail bond policy and pretrial release programs in county jails.
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Baltimore County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds
Baltimore County Jail  24 Hour Bail Bonds
Baltimore County Jail (Baltimore County Detention Center)
720 Bosley Avenue
Towson, MD 21204 US,%20MD,USA&sensor=false¢er=720+Bosley+Avenue+Towson%2CMD Baltimore County Jail Baltimore County Jail Towson, MD (410) 512-3200

The Baltimore County Jail is located in Towson, Maryland at 720 Bosley Avenue 21204. The jail staff can be reached by calling (410) 512-3200.

If you are looking to post bail for an inmate at Baltimore County Jail call (443) 371-0731.

About the Baltimore County Detention Center

The Baltimore County Detention Center is one of the main correctional facilities for Baltimore County, Maryland. The detention center is located in a new state of the art that facility that opened in 2007, with the capacity to house 1500 plus inmates at a given time. This facility is managed by the Baltimore County department of Corrections, who also manages the Pre-trial Services Division, Community Corrections Division and the Alternative Sentencing Division from this location. The goal of the corrections department is to at all times provide a safe environment for it's inmate population, staff and the surrounding community. To locate an inmate in the Baltimore County system use the inmate locator at

Baltimore Area Bail Bonds

If you are eligible for bond release from the facility there are several reputable bond companies in the area who can assist you with your release. Some of these Baltimore bonding companies include:

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Inmate Information

The Baltimore County Detention Center utilizes a unique inmate classification program to house and manage the inmate population. Inmates will be interviewed by a Classification Officer within 48 hours from arriving at the facility. The Detention Center staff will then make a classification recommendation based on the information that was received during the initial interview, the inmates criminal record and personal file. Once the assessment has been completed an inmate will be assigned a custody status and housing assignment. These include Maximum Pretrial or Sentenced, Medium Pretrial or Sentenced, and Minimum Pretrial or Sentenced inmates. The Classification interview will also give the inmate time to ask questions about any of the center's programs or policies. Visitation to the facility will be based on an inmates classification and housing unit. For more information you can contact the Baltimore County Detention Center directly at (410) 512-3200.


Baltimore County at a Glance

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Baltimore, Maryland population 2000 - 2009

Baltimore has a total population of 789,814. The population has increased by 35,506 (5%) from 2000 through 2009. The population density is 1320.0 and covers 598 square miles.

  • Total Population: 789,814
  • Pop. Change 2000-09: 35,506 (5%)
  • Pop. Density: 1320.0
  • Sq. Miles: 598

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Crime Data for Baltimore County and Baltimore County Jail

Source: FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS)

Baltimore Maryland crime statistics

Residents of Baltimore experienced 56,335 crimes in 2011. The #1 infraction was arson with 235 crimes. The #2 lawless act was theft with 17,840 occurrences. The #3 unlawful act was vehicle theft with 1,691 circumstances. The #4 violation was burglary with 4,269 circumstances. The #5 unlawful act was property crime with 23,800 circumstances. The #6 criminality was assault with 2,627 occurrences. The #7 infraction was robbery with 1,451 occurrences. The #8 unlawful act was rape with 142 circumstances. The #9 criminality was murder with 30 circumstances. The #10 crime was violent crime with 4,250 instances.

Bail Bondsman for Baltimore

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