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Fairfield County Jail 24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds
Fairfield County Jail 24 Hour Bail Bonds
Fairfield County Jail
1061 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604 US
http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?size=225x200&markers=label:A%7CZip%20Code%2006604,%20CT,USA&sensor=false¢er=1061+Main+Street+Bridgeport%2CCT Fairfield County Jail Fairfield County Jail Bridgeport, CT http://www.bailbondpolicy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/FairfieldCTYJail.jpg http://www.bailbondpolicy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/FairfieldCTYJail.jpg (203) 579-6239

The Fairfield County Jail is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut at 1061 Main Street 06604. The jail staff can be reached by calling (203) 579-6239.

If you are looking to post bail for an inmate at Fairfield County Jail fill out the form at the top of this page.

About the Fairfield County Jail

The Fairfield County Jail is a detention facility located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is located in the heart of downtown at 1061 s. Main Street. This facility is used to house inmates who are waiting for trial in the Fairfield County Criminal Jurisdiction. This county jail was originally operated by the Fairfield County Sherriff's Department, until state law disbanded the county sheriff program. It is currently being operated by the Connecticut State Marshall's office who replaced the sheriffs in early 2000. But the jail still serves the same purpose of holding inmates who are awaiting trial or being transferred to a long term facility in the Fairfield County Jurisdiction. As a result, this is a smaller facility with a capacity of approximately 300. To search for an inmate in this facility you can use the state inmate locater at http://www.ctinmateinfo.state.ct.us/.

Fairfield County Bail Services

Once bail has been set by a judge in your case you will be eligible for release from the jail. There are a lot of bail bonding services in the area should you need assistance in covering the full amount of the bail. Some of the most trusted bail companies in town include:

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Misc Jail Info.

fairfield bail bondsThe Bridgeport County Jail is a smaller facility so it does not offer a lot of the extra services and programs of a larger detention center. Inmates are given the essentials of regular nutritious meals and daily opportunities for outside recreation. Additionally inmates are allowed to have regular visitation rights as long as they remain in good standing with the facility and obey all visitation rules. Anyone found in violation of these rules or who is under disciplinary action for other violations will be denied all visitation rights. For information on the Fairfield County Jail you may contact them directly at (203) 579-6239.



Fairfield County at a Glance

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Fairfield, Connecticut population 2000 - 2009

Fairfield has a total population of 901,208. The population has increased by 18,641 (2%) from 2000 through 2009. The population density is 1442.3 and covers 625 square miles.

  • Total Population: 901,208
  • Pop. Change 2000-09: 18,641 (2%)
  • Pop. Density: 1442.3
  • Sq. Miles: 625

Bail Bond Agents Near Fairfield

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  • Bail Co Bail Bonds
    Bail Co Bail Bonds
    P. O. Box 1618
    Manchester, CT 06040

Bail Bondsman for Fairfield

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