Arizona Jails and Bail Bonds

Examining the effects of bail bond policy and pretrial release programs in county jails.
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Arizona Jails and Bail Bonds

Arizona bail bonds

Arizona has an inmate population of 15,309 housed in 27 jails and employs an estimated detention staff of 4,239. The state has an incarcertation rate of 217 inmates per 100,000 citizens. There are 10 mens facilities, 1 womens facilities, and 19 all gender facilities in Arizona. The staff to inmate ratio in Arizona is 3.6. The state has 15 probation, 18 prerelease, 5 youth, and 1 drug facilities. Of the states 15,309 inmates 30 are housed in small facilities (less than 100), 2,716 are housed in facilities holding 100-499 inmates, 1,221 are housed in facilities holding 500-999 inmates, and 11,342 inmates are incarcerated in facilities that can hold 1,000 or more inmates. If you are looking for Arizona bail bondsman who service bail bonds in Arizona browse to the jail where you need to post bail and fill out the bail bondsman form on that jails page.

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Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)