Bail Bond Policy

Examining the effects of bail bond policy and pretrial release programs in county jails.

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Cheap Bail Bonds

Cheap bail bonds

Though most states require posted bail to be about 10% of the total bond amount (this can vary in certain states under specific criteria), some bail bond companies will attempt charging more.




24 Hour Bail Bonds

24 Hour Bail Bondsman

A bail bond surety is an amount set on person to be released from jail. A friend or family member will post a portion of the total bond under the agreement that the inmate will appear in court for his or her offense. The person posting bail then has a financial obligation to ensure the newly released inmate will appear in court and not result in a failure to appear. If you are still having trouble understanding bail bonds speak with your bail bondsman.


Bail Bond Agent

Bail Bond Agent

Typically a person will post 10% of the total bond to a licensed bail bondsman. Once this is done the bail bond company files some paper work with the jail and gets the inmate released. The person who posted the bail along with the bail bondsman then have a contractual obligation to ensure the released person appears in court on his or her scheduled court date. If the person does not appear the person who posted the bail may need to pay additional money and the bail bond agent may need to hire a bounty hunter to bring the fugitive to justice.